For those afflicted by NP-C. Help them in their immediate and long-term needs. Heal their bodies and boost their spirits. Give them inner strength to endure to the challenges the disease presents. Make their days more comfortable and their lives more blessed. Pray with us to help them.
For the families affected by the disease, mothers and fathers who keep a constant vigil on their child. Give them the strength and stamina to bear the burden of the frightening ravages of the disease. Help them enjoy their precious child today and give them hope for a brighter tomorrow. Pray with us to help these parents of NP-C children.
For those who have helped and continue to help. Help them understand the importance of the their support. Remind them of the sense of urgency NP-C sufferers have. Strengthen their resolve to continue their fight against this cruel disease. Pray with us to let them know they help ease the burden we carry.
For those who have waged and lost their battle against NP-C. May they rest peacefully. Let their memory give us strength in our worldly struggles against this disease. Allow their vigilant watch over our diligent efforts to fuel our fight.

You are invited to participate. Whatever way that you pray or worship, you are welcomed to join and support this unique effort for the benefit of those affected by NP-C.

This site will display the ever-expanding journal of the spiritual pledges made for our Spiritual Convergence. We're focusing specifically on the month of October. That is the month that has officially been designated as Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month.

Let us know how you would like to participate next year. We would like to capture all the various Acts of Love on this site. Below are just some of the Spiritual Contributions pledged. Help us show how the power of prayer and worship can help those of us affected by this dreaded disorder.

Thank you for your interest in our cause and your support.Here is a sampling of past years' pledges:

My family and I are members of St. Anastasia Parish. You have been in our prayers. Prayer works wonders and can render miracles. God will hear your prayers and answer them. You are reminding us all of the Light and Love of God. Rest assured our household will unite our prayers with you. Wishing you the best,
--Mary B.
I asked some of my clients to pray for Jessica this weekend. One of them stated that not only would he pray for her but the Msgr. owed him some favors. He would make sure that the All Souls Parish in Alhambra prayed for her. We are praying for her not only this weekend but for a long time.
--Bill and Donna C.
St. Anastasia Parish
We heard of Jessica after Mass at the LMU Sacred Heart Chapel. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and to all the children living with NP-C. We said a novena of prayers, at our family supper table, asking our merciful Lord for special help and divine hugs for each special child, and their parents too. God bless.
--Greg (class of '57) and Vicki
My mom sent me a newspaper article and a flyer about Jessica and the Spiritual Convergence. I will absolutely pray for Jessica, the other children affected by NP-C and the families involved.
--Tom D.
Denver, CO
The Spirit of Mary Prayer Group of Visitation Church, Westchester, is praying for Jessica and her family. We meet on Thursdays each week, and on July 18 we offered special prayers for her. Each member will also remember her, her family, and those afflicted with NP-C at Mass. God bless you all..
--Beverly R.
Hello, we are parishioners of St. Anastasia, and we read the flyer passed in the Sunday bulletin, our hearts go out to you and your family. Prayers are so needed at a time like this. And prayers do work!! I hope and pray for your daughter. We will keep her in our hearts. We pray for all of your family
--The C. Family
Mass will be offered for Jessica on Saturday the 20th at 5:00 PM and at all the Masses on the 21st, she will be included in the intercessory prayers with a short explanation of her illness. God bless you, your family and especially Jessica.
--Father Kolling
Our Lady Chapel
Downtown Los Angeles
Thanks for sending the Spiritual Convergence prayer and notice. I will be sending my prayers (as I do all the time anyway) for Jessica and all the other children and their families. I will also enlist the prayers of my large group of teachers across the country, as I did last year.
Northern California
I'll enlist Episcopalians and Catholics.
--Jerry A.
Knoxville, TN
I am a student at Loyola Marymount, and heard about Jessica at mass. I want you to know that I am praying for Jessica. I have added her to my collection of intentions for which I say a Rosary every night. I have also spread the message to my mother who is going to take your intention to her prayer group tonight. I wish you the best. God Bless,
--JoAnne G.
Class of 2005
My prayers are always with you for Jessica.
Peace brother!
--Fr. George S.J.
New York
Jessica is in my Masses and prayers. Perhaps one day, I might have the pleasure of meeting her.
God bless,
-Fr. Anthony, O.P.
Eagle Rock, CA

We have sent letters to all members of the Westchester Ministerial Council asking for their support, and their congregations‚ participation. We will include Jessica and the Spiritual Convergence in our prayers and liturgies.
-Msgr. Timothy O'Connell, Pastor
Visitation Church (our home parish)
Reverend Brad Beemon, Pastor
La Tijera United Methodist Church (from Jessica's pre-school)

I am going to reproduce your brochure and place it in our bulletin as an insert. I know it will touch hearts, as it has touched mine. Additionally, I attend a pastors conference here in the Antelope Valley from time to time and intend to bring this to their attention early next week. My family prays for the lovely Jessica. May the Lord cover you with his peace and grant the wisdom necessary to isolate and eradicate this terrible disease.
-Tom C.
Palmdale, CA
A member of the congregation that I serve in Palm Desert, CA told me that there is a special time of prayer that a number of Churches are participating in throughout Southern California. We will especially pray for all those impacted by this disease and those serving to find a cure. I knew nothing about this illness.
-Pastor Doug G.

If you can participate, email us now and we'll list your support here!

Contributions will be gratefully accepted to the Jessica Leoni Trust made out to the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation and/or the Jim Lambright Medical Research Foundation. Both Foundations are non-profit corporations that fund research projects to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C Disease. Your donation is tax deductible. You may send your contribution to:

The Jessica Leoni Trust
P.O. Box 83744
Los Angeles, CA 90083-0744

We will forward your donation. You may telephone us at (310) 649-6125.